Thursday, July 15, 2004

Your weekend reading early -- Mark Steyn on the election

Mark Steyn weighs in on the US election in The Spectator. But best of all is this deconstruction of Kerry's thought processes:

For example, the Senator recently flipped his position on abortion. He now says that he ‘personally’ believes life begins at conception. But he votes non-stop for abortion every chance he gets because he doesn’t believe in inflicting his deeply held personal beliefs on the country.

Huh? This is a first: a candidate who boasts that his conscience is at odds with his voting record. If you believe that abortion is the taking of a life, you vote against it. If you lose the vote, then you say, well, I personally believe life begins at conception, but I respect the will of the legislature, blah blah. But to say that you believe in voting against what you believe because you don’t believe in believing in your beliefs is as close as you can get to admitting that the flip-flop perception is true: you stand for nothing; there’s no there there.

Well, the Dems have a problem on this issue. The base is fanatically pro-abortion while the broader electorate isn’t. And, in fairness to Kerry, asked if he too believed that life begins at conception, John Edwards just froze and ducked the question, twice. The trouble is that the Senator is applying his meaningless abortion ‘conscience’ to the war. One pictures too easily a President Kerry in 2001 saying that while he ‘personally’ believes in removing the Taleban, he doesn’t believe he has the right to inflict his deeply held personal beliefs on Jacques Chirac, or Gerhard Schröder, or whoever the Belgian guy is.

The mark of leadership is being able to articulate your policies, convincing others that they are correct and then effectuating them. Kerry can't even convince himself to vote his own conscience. Sad.

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