Thursday, July 29, 2004

Features on The Key Monk

There are some new features on this site that may be relevant to you. First, on occasion I will link the article I'm discussing in the title of the post. In that case, you will see the three dots of my site template (the blue, red and green dots) next to the title of the post, and if you click the title, you will open the article or news piece I am discussing.

Second, there is a neat little terror alert watch icon on the left. It's a bit of gallows humor, but what the heck.

Third, I've posted the site feed for this site. I don't really know what it does for me, but it may allow others to use material I post here. If so, I just want some publicity and an acknowledgement like a sports highlight ESPN takes from the CBS feed, etc.

Fourth, you can contact me at thekeymonkathotmaildotcom. I don't want solicitations, so you'll have to rework the address yourself.

Fifth, in answer to an all-too-frequently asked question, there are three types of content (not links) on this site: my comments, the comments I'm quoting as an excerpt and isolated quotes from an article. My comments are in the base type color -- white; the isolated quotations from an article are also in white, but the quotations are attributed and denoted with quotation marks. I was a journalist of sorts for three years so I know how to properly attribute sources.

Finally, the excerpts from someone else's work is in a color, usually coral,lime,yellow,cyan or a variant of those colors. The colors are chosen so that they stand out against the background and I try to rotate them so you can tell the different entries apart.

Thanks for reading and, if you enjoy the site, please tell your friends or enemies -- my Sitemeter count won't distinguish the two.

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