Friday, July 16, 2004

Small woman, big heart

That's my Monkette2B. 
Yesterday I return home hearing the Monkette2B shouting at one of the Monkcats.  Seems that the boy Monkcat found himself a new toy, a baby bird (sparrow or finch family member), and decided to pluck it from our front yard, where it'd fallen from its nest, and bring it in the house.  Monkette2B shook the Monkcat until the birdie fell out of the Monkcat's mouth and held the little featherball safe.  She then hopped on the Internet to figure out how to take care of the little thing. 
Meanwhile, The Monk gingerly tried to pet the bird to reassure is AND to do a cursory check for injuries -- if the little bugger squeaked or shrieked, we'd know he had an injury.  Seems he was just spooked.  But I had to keep the boy Monkcat from hopping on the couch to try to get a closer look at the bird.
Monkette2B dug up her bird rescue kit (shoebox with air hole and towel inside for nesting/warmth) and put the li'l fella inside whilst The Monk ran to PetSmart [look: free plug] for babybirdiefood.  The bird didn't eat (they eat constantly throughout the day, not at night) but seemed ok.  We kept him in our room, Monkcats outside, for the night.
This morning, Monkette2B woke up early, released the little avian into our yard.  He hopped about, pseudo-flew into some low branches, squeaked, and was found by his momma.  Nice start to the day for my favorite girl.

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