Friday, July 16, 2004

Investments and donations by the press

When you put money into a venture, you have a stake in its success.  In other words, no matter what stock you buy, horse you bet on, or politician you contribute to, you want the money you put in to be well-spent.  Thus, you want your horse to win, the stock to rise and your politician to succeed.
That's what makes this list subtly pernicious.  Take a look: M. Petrelis, who runs the "Petrelis Files," is a Nader supporter from San Francisco who researched campaign contributions by journalists from 2000-2004.  Some journalists are not supposed to contribute (this is a rule at the NY Times).  I tend to doubt any others have disclosed their contributions to their readers (the explanations would be: (1) none of your business or (2) look it up b/c it's public info).
Petrelis' conclusion: no contributions for Pres. Bush from the media.  But look at all those Deaniacs (17), DNC contributions (15), Kerry contributions (approx. 59, including two from Rupert Murdoch), and the dearth of Republican National Committee contributions (4).
No liberal media?  Rubbish.

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