Monday, July 19, 2004

Dems and double standards and stupidity

. . . all wrapped up in one package.

Gov. Schwarzenegger called California Democrats who are holding up the California budget to gain more goodies for their special interests "girlie men."

Naturally, women's organizations took that as an insult even though each married woman in them has probably told her husband to buck up and "take it like a man" at some point on some issue in their marriage.

On top of that, Sheila Kuehl, a lesbian member of the Calif. Legislature's five-member Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Caucus called Schwarzenegger's statement anti-gay.

Kuehl's statement is itself a ridiculous stereotype of gay-bashing. The fact is that any person who has lived in urban America doesn't believe the gay-man-is-girlie paradigm. The Monkette2B and I live one block away from our city's equivalent of New York's Christopher Street and there are so many varieties of "gay" men -- from uber-feminine to bodybuilder huge and everywhere in between. An actual "girlie man" is a wimp, gay or not.

Schwarzenegger is not backing down from the statement, and he shouldn't.

Here is some wisdom from the Monkette2B on that issue:

I think it's funny that the California Democrats are so bent out of shape about being called girlie men and that the gay population and women automatically takes offense to it. If I were a female lawmaker, I'd probably look around and go "yah, he's right. They are girlie men". They really just offended themselves because I don't think of gays when I think of girlie men . . . Plus, the Democrats somehow think it's horrible for the Governor to make his remarks and stand by them, but it's ok to allow and basically encourage celebrities to be vulgar about our President at fundraisers and then shrug and say that they aren't the ones who said the remarks and don't necessarily agree with them, but not point out how inappropriate it is when it occurs. THAT IS BEING A GIRLIE MAN!

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