Thursday, July 22, 2004

More reasons to vote for Bush

If the President is ticking off the euro-appeasers in Brussels, The Monk says that's a good thing, and not (as John Edwards believes) a reason to vote against the President. Good to know that Edwards names as many foreign leaders who want Kerry elected as Kerry does -- ZERO.

Edwards says there are complaints of a lack of respect. Really? No country that has supported and helped the US complains of lack of respect -- you don't hear that from Italy, Poland, Spain (Aznar Administration, not that socialist idiot Zapatero), Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia, Great Britain, Turkey.

Only the ingrates who lived under the protection of the US military umbrella from 1945-1989 and who have attempted to stymie the US at every turn viz. Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. (Belgium, France, Germany) complain of a lack of respect. Considering what those three have done, their complaints are irrelevant.

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