Sunday, July 18, 2004

Go East, young French Jews

Israeli PM Ariel Sharon said that French Jews should emigrate to Israel. The French naturally disapproved.

In all fairness to the French, they were singled out. In all fairness to Sharon, he was right to do so: already there have been more anti-Semitic attacks in France this year through June 30 than there were all last year. Furthermore, the French have been implacable supporters of Arab totalitarians since DeGaulle. Look at some of the recent French business partners in the region: Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Iran. And never forget the happy smile of Jacques Chirac in the mid-1970s as he met with Saddam (then Iraq's Vice-President) to formally cement the French sale of materials to help Iraq build its nuclear reactor at Osirek. That's the same nuke station that Israel obliterated in 1981, which prevented Iraq from obtaining nukes before it invaded Kuwait in 1990.

Yes, there are lots of good reasons to hate the French (politically). And there are lots of reasons for French Jews to make aliyah.

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