Thursday, July 22, 2004

Credit and demerit re: Berger reporting

Today's Reality Check on discusses how the media is reporting and questioning what Sandy Berg(l)er puts in his pants.

Some excerpts:

CBS anchor Dan Rather insisted “this was triggered by a carefully orchestrated leak about Berger, and the timing of it appears to be no coincidence.”

ABC also portrayed the controversy last night as a “political firestorm between Republicans and Democrats,” but Pierre Thomas noted what CBS ignored: “some of the information [removed] was apparently critical of Clinton’s anti-terror efforts.”

NBC reporter Pete Williams noted Berger’s defenses, then balanced them: “Government officials tell NBC News that Archives employees say it wasn’t so innocent, that they noticed documents were missing after day one” and that the purloined pages suggest the Clinton team “was not paying enough attention to terrorism.” {But] No Berger critics have been interviewed [on Today, the Katie Couric bonanza].

But kudos to Wolf Blitzer: CNN also had a tough Wolf Blitzer Reports interview with Berger’s lawyer, with Blitzer insisting “Sandy Berger doesn’t do things inadvertently,” and asking: “How is it possible that this document so sensitive, which he took home, took to his office at his home, presumably, disappeared?”

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