Friday, July 30, 2004

More Kerry speech reaction

Real Clear Politics links to major pundits and media outlets and their reactions to Kerry's speech. Here are the notable liberals who criticized it or conservatives who praised it (all comments are linked to in the Real Clear Politics rundown):

Thomas Oliphant of the Boston Globe said he blew a huge opportunity with a rushed speech.

Robert Kuttner of the BoGlo also said the delivery overran the content.

Chris Suellentrop of Slate said 8 losers helped write it.

Lawrence Kaplan of The New Republic said the speech harkened back to McGovern's acceptance in 1972 -- but didn't say this outright. Here's Kaplan's conclusion:

Finally, and without saying precisely what it is, Kerry said he knows "what we have to do in Iraq." He has a plan, you see. Just like a candidate from long ago claimed to have a plan to end a war--the war that put Kerry on the stage last night and which, for him at least, wasn't so long ago at all.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the Washington Post said that Kerry failed to demonstrate "the kind of leadership the nation needs."

As for a thorough comparison between Kerry's rhetoric and his record, that won't be found in the various opinion pieces that merely grade Kerry on his performance and the bare-bones content he provided. Instead, look at McQ's reaction at QandO.

Live blogging also at Captain's Quarters and at PoliBlog

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