Monday, July 19, 2004

Canada, the North American France

Ridiculous item of the day: al-Jazeera can get a broadcast license in Canada, FOX News cannot, according to the Wall Street Journal (editorial is subscriber-only).

The official explanation: al-Jazeera doesn't compete with a Canadian-owned business. This is rubbish -- the CBC is a news organization that is Canadian-owned; al-Jazeera is a (self-proclaimed) news organization; FOX is also a news organization. Thus, the Canadian bureaucrats are proffering a false parallel to justify their decision.

And here's what really reveals how this is a political pro-Arab and anti-US decision (from the WSJ piece): "A few years back the CRTC told Fox it could enter Canada, as long as its 24-hour programming had 35% Canadian content."

Canada's administrative oligarchy is a disgrace.

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