Thursday, July 15, 2004

John Kerry, dope

From an AP report on President Bush's speech in Marquette, Michigan:

Bush . . . took issue with Kerry's pronouncement this week that he and running mate John Edwards were proud of the fact that they opposed in the Senate the $87 billion aid package for Afghanistan and Iraq. Kerry said they had done so because "we knew the policy had to be changed."

"He's entitled to his view," Bush said. "But members of Congress should not vote to send troops into battle and then vote against funding them, and then brag about it."

Kerry's campaign responded that Kerry had served in the Vietnam War and questions linger about Bush's wartime service in the Texas Air National Guard.

James Taranto's pithy response is good: There you have it: Kerry spent four months in Vietnam, so why should he care about the soldiers whose lives are on the line now? You just can't make this stuff up.

But on top of it all there's one key fact that no one discusses: Bush's records are out in the public domain. There are no more questions about his service. There's plenty of questions about Kerry's Purple Hearts and his immediate post-war activities.

Don't forget it either.

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