Monday, July 26, 2004

Some stats just don't lie

You HAVE to see this: Ed Morrissey at Captain's Quarters Blog did the math on Joseph Wilson, taking his numbers from this Howard Kurtz media column.

The three major networks, and three major newspapers (NY Times, WaPo and LA Times) had 88 network pieces and 214 newspaper stories on the Wilson to Niger = Bush Lied story.

Since the Senate Intelligence Committee report on Iraq that completely discredited Wilson, the networks have run two pieces on the report (none by CBS) mentioning the Wilson falsehood and the papers have run 5 (not counting Wilson's self-serving op-ed in the LA Times or his letter to the WaPo). That's a scorecard of 88-2 (networks) and 214-5 (newspapers) of stories in favor of perpetuating Wilson's lies and against undoing the damage he did to both Bush and the intelligence community's reputation.

As for CBS, Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie blasted CBS on its own show, Face the Nation, for burying the Wilson-is-a-dope story. CBS is allegedly "looking into it." What a crock -- CBS has all the run-sheets from its newsprograms in its computers and can learn it never mentioned Wilson being contradicted in a matter of minutes. Expect nothing from CBS, you won't be disappointed.

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