Sunday, July 25, 2004

Yankees-RedSawx BFD file

Yeah, it sucked to watch the Yanks collapse Saturday in a game they should have won going away. It royally sucked when the Yanks had bases loaded and none out in the 7th and went force-play, strikeout, third out and couldn't extend a 10-8 lead. And it also blew chunks watching Rivera honk a save for only the second time all year. And yeah, it's annoying as f'k to hear the radio dorks on ESPN chirping about this win being the one that gets the RedStanx started, blah, blah, blah. The Monk says that if the RedSkunx couldn't get it going after winning 6 of 7 from the Yanks in April, and couldn't take advantage of an easy May-June schedule, Saturday's game isn't going to be their panacea.

Wongdoer remarked to The Monk that Rivera historically has had trouble with the RedSawx . . . in the regular season. The Monk does his research: Mo's 2-0, 4-4 in saves, 0.71 ERA in 7 games against Boston in the playoffs (and an MVP winner in the 2003 ALCS).

Then again, Mo was pitching yesterday on his third-straight day and the real culprit in this one was Quantrill -- 2/3 IP, 3 hits and two of two inherited runners scored.

Ultimately, remember this: the Red Sawx left Yankee Stadium 4.5 up in April with a vastly easier schedule until June 29 -- when the rivals met again. When they did meet, the Yanks were up 5.5; it's now 8.5 and the Yanks avoided the only outcome of this series that would REALLY have mattered -- a RedSux sweep -- by winning the first game.

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