Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Britain, Poland, Italy, Australia = irrelevant

So says Jimmy Carter as he rubbishes the Special Relationship between the US and UK, derides the most stalwart democracy in the Pacific and backhands two of the five biggest continental European countries -- all of whom are supporting the US in Iraq.

Here's the statement from Carter's interview session with CNN's Judy Woodruff:

We've had such a confused foreign policy with demands on other nations. We've alienated almost everyone who offered their support after 9/11, and now we have just a handful of little tiny countries supposedly helping us in Iraq. We need to marginally combine the effort of major allies and minor countries as well in combating terrorism around the world.

Carter thinks these are little tiny countries. Kerry thinks Poland, Italy, Australia, Britain, Japan, and Aznar's Spain were co-conspirators in a fraudulent coalition. And it's BUSH who's arrogant?

Hat-tip Harry's Place.

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