Thursday, July 29, 2004

Andy McCarthy updates the War against Terrorists

For those of you too steeped in the arcana of Democratic Convention gossip, or drawn so deeply into the news coverage of the Democrats to worry about anything else, or drinking the Liberal Kool-Aid such that you think George W. Bush is a greater threat to America than Iran's mullahcracy or Islamofascist terrorism, it is time to WAKE UP and remember what's going on in the world -- sometimes even at our own doorstep.

And that's why you need your dose of Andrew McCarthy (click title). Here is your excerpt from today's editorial discussing the Holy Land Foundation, its ties to Hamas and its fundraising for terrorists under the guise of a "charity":

Because of our national chariness about critically examining anything that touches on how Islam is interpreted and practiced in the United States, the abettors of terrorism, witting and unwitting, are thus given a capacious license for mischief. The Islamists simply assert that they are "practicing their religion" by "contributing to charity"; the mainstream media, academia, and even swaths of government take these assertions at face value, as though they were consonant with Western notions; and anyone who dares question the arrangement is immediately scalded by an alphabet soup of Muslim interest groups as a baleful Islamophobe.

It's a suicidal mindset. As Tuesday's indictment demonstrates, "charitable giving" includes paying for the afore-described indoctrination in madrassas, mosques and summer camps — schooling the people who will one day kill us that they should be killing us. More importantly, these "alms" subsidize the families of suicide bombers (encouraging ever more shaheeds) and go to direct purchases of military arsenals and equipment — or, because money is fungible, free up funds that are then available for belligerent purposes.

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