Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Bad taste on the Internet

From this LA Times story is a quote from the elder Kerry daughter regarding how her sheer dress at the Cannes Film Festival became soft-porn due to the flashbulbs popping on the red carpet:

"Because of the dark world of the Internet, I'm told there are now entire Web pages dedicated to my breasts," the 30-year-old actress and filmmaker is quoted as saying. "You gotta love the Internet."

Uh, The Monk will put this as nicely as he can because he knows the (unfortunately narrow) limits of his own pulchritude: The Monk has seen the picture of Alexandra Kerry that initiated the whole AK-dress kerfuffle and if she was not Alexandra KERRY, the dress would have been notable only because it exposed a wannabe playing dress-up with the stars who was attempting to be glamourous but did not have the goods for it.

If Alexandra Kerry ever sees The Monk in a tux, he would be perfectly ready to hear that a similarly dressed chimp would be distinguishable only by height. But be REAL, whole internet sites devoted to AK's chest? Waste of bandwidth.

Submitted to Outside the Beltway.

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