Monday, July 26, 2004

What did you think you'd get with Ann Coulter?

USA Today spiked its Ann Coulter column. McPaper was going to have conservative nutter Ann Coulter pen a daily column from Boston where the MoveOn-niks, International ANSWER members and Loony Left are trying to mask the liberal nature of John Kerry at the Democratic Convention; then in August USA Today will have Michael Moore write an insane screed daily from NYC at the Republican Convention. Both columns are supposed to be wry, cutting and humorous. Personally, I think Lewis Black or Bill Maher from the Republican Convention and Dennis Miller from the Democrats' shindig would be better because those folks are funnier and less bilious than Coulter and Moore.

Here's Coulter's column that was supposed to run and got spiked by USA Today. It's basically typical Coulter with a couple of good lines and some overthetop screeches that set the teeth on edge.

But here is a look into the mind of Coulter's editor at USA Today: some of the comments she received as feedback as they tried to have her re-work her column. Personally, I thought her 7-Eleven concept was a complete stretch.

The best thing in this whole situation: Coulter is being replaced by Jonah Goldberg of National Review. Goldberg is MUCH funnier than Coulter and, tonally, a lot sunnier. Thus, a happy face on conservatism from Goldberg versus the bitter angry face of liberalism from Moore. I'll take the right-wing fat guy in that fight any day.

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