Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Democrats love Pravda -- Kerry at NASA

The DNC is up in arms over the Kerry pictures from his NASA visit. See Drudge here. They're claiming the release of the photos is a smear job because Kerry looks like a dope (my phrase) and there was supposed to be no press or photos in the visit.

Look at the pics for yourself. KERRY POSED IN A GROUP SHOT. In other words, he freely consented to being photographed in the NASA-issued suit.

Kerry's people: What a bunch of whiners. Seems the Dems want to tightly control the press. That would constitute CENSORSHIP if the RNC was trying it.

UPDATE (via Instapundit): The pics are posted at the Kennedy Space Center's own website and it is certainly not an RNC outpost.

The Kerry operatives are really preposterous little people.

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