Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Yanks luck out

The RedSax had a great opportunity yesterday. The Yanks had already honked against the D'rays, thanks in large part to little league outfielding. The RSux got 7 innings of one-run 12K pitching from their #5 starter and THEN took a 4-1 lead on a three-run 8th inning dinger against a sorry Mariners team.

Then came the implosion -- Seattle scraped out a run in the 8th and then whacked two homers against Keith Foulke in the ninth to tie the game. The M's won on a walk-off grand slam in the 11th. Nice pride game for the M's.

The RedSux signed Foulke to a fat contract in the offseason. He's blown 5 of his last 9 save opportunities. The Sawx are lucky, though, they're 3-2 in games that Foulke has blown a save.

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