Monday, July 19, 2004

The French "Government"

It will capitulate to the Germans.

It will officially assist in rounding-up Jews to send to Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsin, etc.

It will fight the Brits and Americans in North Africa at Nazi behest.

It will loudly proclaim its independence from NATO.

It will openly court Arab dictators and supply them with nuclear weapons-building material.

It will deny the US flyover rights to respond to terrorist attacks.

It will participate in helping Saddam bilk his people with Oil-for-Food scams.

It will supply Iran with nuclear weapons-building material.

It will openly side with the Palestinians as they terrorize Israel.

It will wholly fail to keep its Jewish citizens safe from attack from Arab immigrants.

It will tell Sharon that he is not welcome.

Ungrateful. Corrupt. Anti-Semitic.

The French Government.

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