Thursday, August 12, 2004

Telegraphing Kerry's changing stories

The Daily Telegraph examines the Xmas in Cambodia myth chapter in Kerry's life history. The worst part of this Kerry mythology: the Mekong River runs FROM Cambodia to Vietnam, it's not like the river forms the border of the two countries and veers into Cambodia at some point.

Here is the damaging part of the DT's article:

Yesterday, however, the Kerry campaign was left in verbal knots after a new book accused the senator of inventing stories about being sent, illegally, over the border into neutral Cambodia.

The Kerry campaign responded, initially, that Mr Kerry had always said he was "near" Cambodia. Then a campaign aide said Mr Kerry had been in the Mekong Delta "between" Vietnam and next-door Cambodia - a geographical zone not found on maps, which show the Mekong river running from Cambodia to Vietnam.


As I've said before (and I said it before James Lileks did on 8-11), this is the impact of Kerry's mythological Xmas adventure:

Ultimately, this whole story is fundamentally dishonest in ways that cut to the core of who John Kerry is and what he is about. If the underlying core "facts" that are the basis for Kerry's politics are false, what does that say about Kerry's politics and candidacy? I've said that Kerry is a Manchurian Candidate of the anti-war Left, but he's more than that. His Vietnam "story" is the basis of his whole worldview as a politician. His immediate post-Vietnam actions were anti-war, anti-military, anti-veteran and anti-anti-Communist; his initial Senate record is pro-Communist (Latin America policy), pro-peacenik (nuclear freeze) and anti-Reagan. Each and every one of those positions is fundamentally anti-American/blame America first and in favor of weakening America's standing in the world. Ultimately, Kerry is not only the Manchurian Candidate of the anti-war Left, but he is also the Manchurian Candidate of the anti-America Left.

Hat-tip: Capt. Ed for the DT story.

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