Friday, August 20, 2004

527s and Kerry

The media is Kerry's lapdog, period. When the NY Times' first piece on the Swift Vets' ad is an investigation into who is behind it, not whether the allegations are true, then you have further proof that the media is not only biased, it has an agenda to see Bush defeated.

What are 527s? They are political action committees outside of the national parties and therefore not restricted in their expenditures like the national parties are. The left is causing much hubbub about the Swiftees being a 527 and Kerry has called on Bush to tell them to stop their ads (which would constitute illegal coordination between a campaign and a 527 organization -- this doesn't matter to Kerry because he has had MoveOn people go from the Kerry campaign to and vice versa). But the real story is how the LEFT has used 527 groups against Bush. Nine of the top 10 527 groups, based on total receipts, are anywhere from left-leaning to far left: major unions, EMILY's List, Media Matters, America Coming Together, Joint Victory Campaign 2004, etc. The total receipts for these nine 527 groups is more than $150,000,000.

The Swift vets' receipts = less than $160,000. See Balloon Juice (link in title) for more.

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