Sunday, August 22, 2004

Kerry to Bush: save me from myself

John Kerry knows (or should know) that if Pres. Bush called for the Swifties to stop their anti-Kerry ads, it would constitute illegal coordination between the Bush campaign and a 527 group. Therefore, Kerry is trying to set Bush up for a "gotcha" moment while demagoguing this whole issue. But it can't work -- Kerry put his service before the country as his raison d'etre for being President. He spent four months serving his country on the frontlines, then spent years undercutting the troops he served with, spent 20 years in the Senate as a nonentity and is living off the fortune that John Heinz left to his widow.

Moreover, as Captain Ed points out (link in title), where was John Kerry when Bush's military service was questioned? Out front, supporting Terry McAuliffe and raising "questions" about what Bush did. As later proven when Bush released his military records (SOMETHING KERRY HAS REPEATEDLY REFUSED TO DO), there was no controversy: Bush served, performed his duty and did so honorably.

Kerry's latest line of attack is "if Pres. Bush wants to challenge my service, bring it on." Pure rubbish -- if Senator Kerry wants to challenge who better honors the troops (i.e., approving $87M in additional funds) and supports the US military by lauding the servicemen, instead of calling them rapists and murderers in statements to a Congressional committee, he should feel free to bring that to a debate with Bush.

The Bush campaign is playing this smart on one hand: a Bush staffer with connections to the Swifties quit yesterday when the Bushies discovered the connection because he appeared in the second Swiftie ad (he was a volunteer, not a paid consultant like the strategist who joined the Kerry campaign). The Bush folks have repeatedly noted that Kerry is just whining and moping about this issue, which the Bush campaign has never brought up. But the one thing the Bushies have FAILED to do: pound Kerry on his nondescript record as a Senator, his rejection of 8-10 of the weapons systems that played such a huge role in Afghanistan and Iraq, and his awful record as an appeaser during the Cold War (the intelligence ad is a good step in the right direction). Ultimately, the Bushies may be hoping that Kerry hangs himself with his whining and his VERY unPresidential demeanor. But they need to connect to dots for the voters in Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.

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