Sunday, August 29, 2004

Thought for the day

Watching the Yankees stink up another one today makes The Monk believe it's 50-50 that they won't be in first place by the time The Monk returns from vacation on Sept. 13 (leaving Sept. 2). They led 2-1 bottom 7, now trail 6-2 (watching in top 8 now). They blew a 3-1 seventh inning lead against Seattle on Aug. 15 and lost 7-3, blew a 9-3 lead against Minnesota and barely won 13-10, blew a 3-2 lead Wednesday against Cleveland and lost. Problem #1 = the starters need to go strong through 7. Mooooosina blew up in the bottom of the 7th today; Brown had a minor hiccup on Aug. 15 and the 'pen blew it, El Duque lost his way in that Minnesota game. Problem #2 = Quantrill is pitching BP.

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