Tuesday, August 31, 2004


What's 8791? It's 1978 backwards. And that's what this season is turning into for the Yankees.

In '78 the Yanks came from 14.5 back and beat the RedSax for the AL East. In '04, the RedStiffs have gained 7 games on the Yanks in 15 days and are now only 3.5 out. Javy Vazquez is awful; Mooooooosina is poor, Brown is iffy, El Duque and Lieber are acceptable. Compare that to Pedro (v. good), Schilling (near excellent), Wakefield (solid), Lowe (coming around) and Arroyo (the best sub-.500 pitcher in the AL).

I said yesterday it's 50-50 that the Yanks won't be in first place by Sept. 13. The Yanks may not be in first place when the NFL season starts on Sept. 9. What a colossal failure in the making and topped off tonight by their worst loss ever.

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