Monday, August 09, 2004

Fundamentally dishonest

Captain Ed adds to his dissection of Kerry's Cambodia Xmas story. Ultimately, this whole story is fundamentally dishonest in ways that cut to the core of who John Kerry is and what he is about. If the underlying core "facts" that are the basis for Kerry's politics are false, what does that say about Kerry's politics and candidacy? I've said that Kerry is a Manchurian Candidate of the anti-war Left, but he's more than that. His Vietnam "story" is the basis of his whole worldview as a politician. His immediate post-Vietnam actions were anti-war, anti-military, anti-veteran and anti-anti-Communist; his initial Senate record is pro-Communist (Latin America policy), pro-peacenik (nuclear freeze) and anti-Reagan. Each and every one of those positions is fundamentally anti-American/blame America first and in favor of weakening America's standing in the world. Ultimately, Kerry is not only the Manchurian Candidate of the anti-war Left, but he is also the Manchurian Candidate of the anti-America Left.

Here's the Captain's take on the fundamental flaws in Kerry's story:

Now that more of the record has come out and his band of brothers has decided to give testimony to Kerry's actual experience, Kerry appears to be backtracking back to Vietnam on Christmas Eve, saying that he was "near" the border, but that won't help a bit. His entire narrative has been exposed as a house of cards built on a lie, and not just any old lie, either. The illegal incursions into Cambodia energized the anti-war movement, and claiming (falsely) to have participated in them would have given Kerry tremendous credibility to those activists, as well as to the Senators in 1971.

He stole the story to puff himself up in 1971. He kept repeating the story, even on the floor of the Senate, in order to puff up his credibility there as well, this time on Nicaragua -- where his unerring instinct for picking the losing side showed again. And now we see that in the bout for credibility, the 200+ band of Swiftvets has beaten the narcissist by a knockout.

After having retracted his three-decade-old story, what other lies has Kerry told about Viet Nam? Lies about his Purple Hearts? Lies about his Bronze Star? Lies about American atrocities so widespread that all units and the entire leadership took part in them?

The Swiftvets deserve their day of reckoning with John Kerry, and we deserve to see his complete military records, just as Terry McAuliffe and Kerry himself demanded -- and got -- from George Bush, who wasn't making his military service the centerpiece of his campaign. Call Kerry's campaign headquarters and demand that he release the records!

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