Monday, August 30, 2004

What relevance has Andrew Sullivan?

If you take off all of August to go to the beach and fail to blog about numerous momentous occurrences during the campaign season, do you have any relevance anymore?

Tom Maguire at Just One Minute cut his vacation to jump in with some blog posts when major stories broke regarding John Kerry's campaign, the Swifties' allegations, etc., as seen here.

The Instapundit can't stop blogging, even when he's out in the woods somewhere with the Instabrood.

Sullivan meanwhile hangs out in his hammock (with his palm out for contributions) for 27 days whilst the Swifties eviscerate Kerry's integrity, Captain Ed elucidates Kerry's willful biographical misrepresentations, Bob Dole blasts his former colleague and the blogosphere eats the old media's lunch on the story of Kerry's lack of integrity.

Today, Sullivan is back in rare form charging without proof that Karl Rove is the power behind the Swifties (nothing about the or Media Fund or America Coming Together and their direct connections with Kerry), charging Marvin Olasky and the woman who will give the invocation at the RNC opening tonight with bigotry because they won't support gay marriage, overblowing a Bush malapropism into a freudian slip, etc.

Personally, his blog was better whilst he vacationed.

Submitted to the Traffic Jam.

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