Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Kinda pervy

Among the many things I like about Bush, and cannot stand about Kerry, is that Bush KNOWS he's a regular guy and doesn't go around trying to prove it because he knows everyone else perceives him as a normal person. That's why Bush always wins hands-down the "who'd you like to shoot the breeze with" poll questions.

The forthcoming article in GQ about Kerry is therefore a complete fictionalization of a man who is a complete a--hole (go on, Google everything you want about Kerry's personality: his staffers don't like him, his colleagues don't like him, his Bostonian fellow travelers don't like him and even his wife doesn't seem to fond of him). More disturbing is Kerry's mild lust for Charlize Theron. Yuck. Don't eat before picturing the mummified Herman Munster double with the round-cheeked Afrikaaner beauty.

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