Sunday, August 29, 2004

Kerry Meltdown Watch?

Little Green Footballs debuted its Kerry Meltdown Watch this weekend because the gaffes just keep on coming.

On Thursday, Kerry went to swing-state Wisconsin and referred to the Green Bay Packers' stadium as LamBERT Field (scroll down to 8/26).

On Friday, Kerry sent some dupes to Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney's office to try to deliver the same idiotic letter that Max Cleland and more Kerry sycophants tried to deliver to President Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch calling on Bush to make the Swiftiies stop their ads against Kerry. In Boston, Kerry's delegation was met by a group called "Veterans for Working Senators" that decried Kerry's failure to be as honorable as Bob Dole. Dole resigned his Senate seat in 1996 to run for President.

Kerry has missed 64% of votes and nearly 90% of roll calls. The vets called for Kerry to resign or give back the pro rata share of his pay for missing the Senate sessions.

On Thursday, Kerry made a classic Kerry bungle. Kerry gave a speech in West Palm Beach, Florida, and a local TV reporter asked him what he'd do against Castro. Kerry claimed he'd been tough on Castro (not true) and cited his vote for the Helms-Burton bill that called for sanctions against US companies that did business with Cuba. One problem: Kerry voted against Helms-Burton. Kerry's aides explained that Kerry voted for Helms-Burton in its "pure" form. In other words, he voted for strangling Castro economically before he voted against it.

LGF has more, and will assuredly add to the pile.

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