Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Nip this garbage in the bud -- defeating terrorism

The Dems are already going loopy with glee because Bush reportedly said the war on terror cannot be won.

Of course, the REAL STORY is different from the Democratic spin. Instead, Bush said a war on terror may not be won -- a fair point if you define winning as either obtaining surrender of terrorists or complete eradication of terrorism, but a bit too stark for an election campaign.

The fact is Bush's comments belie his shorter statement. Why? Because he essentially defines how terrorism can be defeated: by finding terrorists and rooting them out and by CREATING DEMOCRACY -- a condition that makes terrorism unacceptable. That defeat doesn't mean terrorism will be completely eradicated (Nazism and communism have not been either).

Michelle Malkin (link in title) has the statement and its context.

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