Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Actually watched it = reaction

I actually watched the speeches in primetime convention coverage tonight, primarily because I wanted to see what Schwarzenegger would say. And the California governor did not disappoint. He delivered an excellent speech that stressed security and the immigrant-in-America success story, reminded us of the ideal of America that registers in the minds of those who wish to come here, and showed why it is important to keep President Bush in his current office. Schwarzenegger delivered a speech with heart and humor as a professional, and much better than most other politicians could ever hope to do.

But so much for keeping up momentum. The Bush twins are cute but . . . not erudite. They tried to keep it light, but I'm only 34 and I whiffed on a couple of the pop culture references (the Monkette2B didn't -- she knows what the "young people" are into). Nonetheless, Barbara the Younger is niiiiiiiiiiice.

Thereafter, Mrs. Bush after a nice intro from her husband -- a husband's intro, not a presidential one, and that was the proper note to strike. She did ok -- dignified, reserved and pleasant all at once -- although alot of it was fairly bland. After Schwarzenegger, any other speaker would have had a hard act to follow. Nonetheless, the First Lady (or prospective First Lady) should not make headlines, and Mrs. Bush did not.

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