Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Washington Supreme Court gets it right

Yesterday the Washington Supreme Court unanimously rejected a lawsuit by Democratic candidate Christine Gregoire that would have required counties to 're-examine' 3,000 previously disqualified absentee and provisional ballots. The Washington gubernatorial election went to a recount after Republican Dino Rossi led favorite Christine Gregoire by 261 votes out of 2.8 million cast on election night. The Democrats have been trying to steal the election ever since as I wrote here. Essentially the Democratic lawsuit asked for a change of the rules post-election though the Democrats typically respond with 'Make every vote count'.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports Rossi now leads by 108 votes with 32 out of the 39 counties reporting. Gregoire's hopes now solely reside with some 573 ballots that were suddenly 'found' on Sunday in King County. And then, 22 new uncounted votes were found. King County is heavily Democratic and voted for Gregoire 60-40. If the new votes fall in that proportion for Gregoire this could lead to a dead heat.

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