Friday, December 17, 2004

Units of victory?

Conflicting stories about the Randy Johnson situation. Here is the triangle trade:

Yankees send Javy Vazquez, Eric Duncan (3b) and Dioner Navarro (c) to the Dodgers.

Dodgers send Yhency Brazoban, Brad Penny and Shawn Green to the D'Backs.

D'Backs send Johnson to the Yanks. Jon Heyman of Newsday (see link in title) had this first.

On, the indication is that the deal is iffy at best because Green has a no-trade and wants to live in LA. This seems weak because LA is relatively close to Phoenix. Other stumbling blocks are the lack of power the Dodgers will have now that Adrian Beltre is a Mariner and who gets to bilk the Yanks for money.

Heyman's article indicates the deal is nearly complete. This NY Times article also claims the deal is nearly done, but notes that a fourth team may get involved to facilitate.

Meanwhile, those of you who like teams with good farm systems: the Braves landed Tim Hudson in a deal for two minor-league pitchers. The question is who got this right: did Billy Beane wisely obtain two flamethrowers for a guy who is on the downside of his career already (Whip ratio and K/IP ratio getting worse by the year for Huddy) or did he get nothing from the Braves for something special?

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