Monday, December 06, 2004

Today's Sign of the Apocalypse

Windle Turley is a strange form of plaintiff's attorney. He runs an operation that is both a car-accident settlement-churning mill while still getting some big cases (most notably the $119M-plus jury verdict he won against the local Dallas Catholic diocese for covering up pederasty by a priest, Rudy Kos; later settled for $31M). Most plaintiff's attorneys with his success level run big-case-only shops.

But he also takes some ridiculous cases. Overlawyered has info on one of those: a Garland, Texas man is suing Nissan because he backed up his SUV over his toddler and didn't see the kid. The baby is dead. It is his father's fault. Hopefully Nissan will fight and the Dallas County jury will bounce the case by finding pappy at least 51% liable.

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