Friday, December 03, 2004

Violin vs. Guitar

This is a must read.

Much has been made about the insensitivity of IDF forces who 'forced' a Palestinian to play his violin at a checkpoint. Israeli leftists have worked themselves into a lather and even the IDF seems embarrassed.

Click the title for a link to an article written by Frimet Roth, a mother whose daughter, Malki, was murdered along with 14 other Israelis by a bomb hidden in a guitar case which got through an Israeli checkpoint [machsom].


I watched him [Abdullah Barghouti]on television confessing that, yes, he did fill a guitar with explosives. "In a guitar? Why in a guitar?" a shocked TV interviewer asked.

"This is war," the stone-faced Barghouti answered.

It seems to me that far too many people have forgotten that basic truth. This is war. We are under attack. Machsom Watch volunteers have a problem acknowledging that. It is a dangerous problem.

One day, an IDF soldier on machsom duty, distracted and intimidated by those camera-clicking, note-scribbling activists, is going to cut short a routine security check to appease them.

The results might be very far from routine.


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