Tuesday, December 21, 2004

In Defense of Rumsfeld

The Monk and Wongdoer are supporters of big Don for good reason -- he has insight, vision and the personality to ensure that the entrenched bureaucratic and political interests at the Pentagon do not prevent the US from preparing for the most likely warfare of the future (insurgency and terrorism) whilst shifting from the two-front Cold War mindset of the past.

Captain Ed has a great letter from one of his regular readers, linked in the title of this post, defending Rumsfeld and showing how disastrous it would be for Bush to allow the political chorus to inflict Rummy with death (i.e., resignation) by 1000 cuts. Some of the analysis is a bit overblown, but the points are generally very good. Click over and read it.

For more analysis, see Frank Gaffney's column, John Podhoretz's even better column that shows why Bush is a good leader and the Rumsfeld press kerfuffle from last week is so much garbage.

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