Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Noteworthy 22-Dec-04

1. Where have all the Taiwan hawks gone? Greg Mastel writes in the Weekly Standard that Taiwan is getting shabby treatment from the US in terms of trade.

2. Governor Robert Ehrlich of Maryland, a Republican, has been in a running fight with two journalists from the Baltimore Sun who, according to the Governor, has failed to objectively report on issues. As a result, the Governor has banned all executive branch employees from speaking with these two individuals. Example:

The order came after Nitkin wrote a series of articles about a secret deal by the state to sell 836 acres of preserved forestland to a developer. A front-page map, that Nitkin did not produce, accompanied his article and incorrectly showed all 450,000 acres of state preservation land as being sold to the developer. A correction ran inside the paper the following day.

Gee, do you think that 'correction' got the front page headline that the article did??? Right on, Governor, just don't expect any remorse or a free pass if they are reinstated.

3. European appeals court rules against Microsoft. This was a foregone conclusion regardless of the merits of the case. What represents arrogant American power and capitalist more than Microsoft? Excerpt:

Jonathan Zuck, the president of the Association for Competitive Technology, which intervened in the case in support of Microsoft, said in a statement: "Today's decision will have dangerous repercussions for small software developers, consumers and the future of innovation.

"While intended to constrain Microsoft, the commission's sanctions will impose billions of dollars in new costs on small software developers and consumers, and threaten the future of innovation."

4. Scum List. Arthur Chrenkoff gives the skinny on the dhimmi's who are vying to defend Saddam Hussein. One luminary would have been prepared to defend Adolf Hitler.

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