Thursday, December 02, 2004

British Academics are Nuts Too!

Let's see: a survey of 139 British profs comes to the conclusion that Clement Attlee, the Labour (socialist) PM who transformed Britain into a state-run socialist economy in 1945, which stifled any hope of postwar recovery and lead inexorably to the economic disasters that spurred Thatcher to privatize most of the previously state-owned businesses in the 1980s, calls him the best British PM of the 20th Century. Seems that facing down the Nazis and Soviets, keeping the country in existence and forging the strongest ties ever with your best ally doesn't count for much with the Brits' pointyheads. Maybe they just don't like cigar smokers.

Andrew Sullivan's summation seems apt:

Britain is still recovering from the damage Attlee did to the British economy by a wholesale government take-over. Without Churchill, there wouldn't have been an independent Britain to wreck. And you thought America's professors were left-wing!

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