Friday, December 10, 2004

Hillary warning

Whilst Dems wax nostalgic about the 'glorious' Clinton years and hope for a Hillary restoration in 2008, items like this hopefully will haunt their dreams. Click the title for a link a 2001 story by Jay Nordlinger on one of Clinton's truly reprehensible acts--pardoning convicted terrorist/murderer Susan Rosenberg in the last days of his term.

Hillary defended folks like this vociferously and aggressively in the 1970s and while pardoning Marc Rich for $450,000 displayed the Clintons' venality (and absurdly cheap price) pardoning Susan Rosenberg gives you a very good idea where their politics really lie.

The reason this came up recently was Rosenberg was hired by Hamilton College to teach a literature course and STUNNINGLY saw prospective students withdraw applications and donors pull hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations which caused Hamilton, disinvite her. This actually shocked me given the staggering liberal bias in academia about which the Monk wrote here.

HT: Powerline (click for link to their article).

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