Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Reading list

Since Wongdoer is getting a manicure or something (worst thing about having a co-blogger to pick up the slack is the expectation that he will do so), I'll cover for him with these items:

First, Tony Blankley's excellent column praising Rumsfeld and hammering the SecDef's critics.

Second, Jonah Goldberg notes that there's just something wrong about the notion of "Merry Christmas" being a political statement.

I read Denis Boyles whenever he pops out of his groundhog hole and chimes in at National Review.

Did you know that on Monday 15 Republican Senators issued a joint statement supporting Rumsfeld? I didn't until today, but I knew all about McCain's and Hagel's respective chirpings right after those two spouted off.

And in the news: thousands of Yushchenko supporters rallied in Kyiv to their man speak. He praised their peaceful demonstration, saluted their dedication and called for vigilance during the December 26 election.

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