Thursday, December 16, 2004


Apologies for being a bit late today - the Monk is engaged at moment...

1. Daniel Blumenthal has a nice piece in the Weekly Standard on how China in quietly influencing elections in Taiwan. Just a reminder, the Chicomms (how's that for reactionary) are some of worse scum/figurative progeny of the worse scum in history. The only reason that Taiwan is still free is that the mainland cannot militarily take it. I take issue with one comment though:
The Taiwanese are not going to give up their political freedom voluntarily, and when push comes to shove, the United States will not allow Taiwan to be coerced. Meanwhile, we should not be encouraging the Chinese to believe that we back them on their "reunification" plans. That is the road to war.

"...The United States will not allow Taiwan to be coerced." -- Glad Kerry's not President.

2. From the OpinionJournal, journalist and former Marine John Guardino reports on how the Army works and why worries that the specialist who asked Rumsfeld the question is in no danger of 'retribution' but rather continues the valued tradition of asking tough, up-front questions

3. Daily King County Update - Republican Dino Rossi leads by 121 votes with 35/39 reporting. Under litigation are 573 questionable votes.

4. The Iraqi election - Powerline reports that 80% of Iraqi's polled do not support postponing it and 83% believe they will be held as scheduled.

5. Lest we forget. Charles Johnson of LGF reminds us of the unforgiving hate of the Ayatollah Khomeini and those who purport to support it. The parallel here between Islamofascism and totalitarian communism is striking. Only a worldwide caliphate / worker's paradise will make them feel safe.

6. Yet another winner from LGF from yesterday: Mentally ill girl sold for sex faces death penalty in Iran.

7. Hamas primer - in case you forget.

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