Monday, December 13, 2004

Wading into the Mess -- Pedro to the other New York

The Boston Herald reports that Pedro Martinez has pitched his last game as a member of the Red Sawx and he is going to New York . . . to play for the Mets. Terms are 50-56M for four years. The RedSawx last offer was 38.5M/3 but Pedro wanted a fourth year and the Mets obliged by changing their last offer from a 37.5M/3 with an option to a guaranteed four-year deal. Likely scenario (TKM's guess) = 13-13.5 per year with a $2-4M buyout. Don't ask The Monk why baseball players have buyouts AFTER they complete their contracts.

In addition, this drives up the Yanks' price for Randy Johnson a bit because the impression is that Steinbrenner will want a bigger splash than the Mess get from the Pedro deal. But the Yanks' price for RJ has decreased rapidly since they broke off talks with the D'Backs on December 1 because (a) the Snakes signed two big-ticket free agents (Troy Glaus, 45M/4; Russ Ortiz, 33M/4) despite crying poverty as part of their attempt to have the Yanks pay all of Javy Vazquez's salary as part of the RJ deal, and (b) Johnson rejected overtures from the D'backs to remain while they rebuild.

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