Friday, December 03, 2004

Rice vs. Albright

Ann Coulter is often outrageous and over-the-top but also at times side-splittingly funny. She excoriates liberals over their noted lack of enthusiasm for Condoleeza Rice vs. the fawning over Madeleine Albright. Worth reading if only to remember how the MSM gushed over Albright's heels and accessories.

Her jab at Warren Christopher is absolutely priceless:

Or how about Clinton's first secretary of state, Warren Christopher, a lawyer whose dazzling foreign policy experience consisted of being President Carter's chief negotiator for the hostages in Iran? That's almost as impressive a resume entry as "Chief Iceberg Lookout, the Titanic," "Senior Design Engineer, the Edsel," "Navigator, Exxon Valdez," or "Writer/Executive Producer, 'Alexander.'"

HT: Boortz

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