Monday, December 20, 2004

Noteworthy 20 December 2004

1. LGF has a great post on how the Swedish government is finding it very difficult to try to get five Swedish children back from their Palestinian father who kidnapped them and took them to the Gaza Strip. The reason, ostensibly, is that the children have dual citizenship: Sweden and Palestine. Only one issue: there is NO country called Palestine, ergo, no dual citizenship possible. Oh and in case you thought the father might have had a point about bringing the children up under Islamic law -- he's willing release the children for 5 million kronor (700k usd)

2. Pertinent to the UK thoughtcrime legislation -- an example from Sweden, where a Pentecostal minister was sentenced to a month in jail for preaching against homosexuality.

3. More thoughtcrime idiocy in Australia courtesty of LGF.

4. A good quick column on the current Rumsfeld brouhaha.

5. Want to know what your favorite bloggers look like? (It's not a picture of Monk and wongdoer)

6. Mother murdered. fetus stolen. So mind-bogglingly sick it defies belief.

7. Washington gubernatorial watch: Republican Dino Rossi leads by 50 votes. Late Friday, a state judge granted a Republican party request to block counting of hundreds of newly discovered ballots in heavily Democratic King County. The state Supreme Court which has already disallowed some ballots in this election take up the case this week.

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