Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Sharpton - master of hypocrisy?

The Monk and I have never linked the Village Voice (I promise it won't become a habit) which probably has a theoretical ADA rating of 94 but they are running an article (click title for link) on Sharpton's extra-curricular affair for which Sharpton's lawyers are threating to sue the Voice.

It's a bit long but chronicles how Sharpton has left his family for his NAN (National Action Network) executive director Marjorie Fields-Harris who during the affair was married to an aide of Senator Hillary Clinton. This is especially lurid, according to the Voice, as Sharpton played a large part in brining down Jesse Jackson for his affair and child out of wedlock at the same time.

Read also "What Al did to Jesse" by the same author.

In contrast, here's a hagiographical piece on Fields-Harris.

The most encouraging fact here is that Fields-Harris is running for the Vice-Chair of the DNC. Dean and Fields-Harris at the DNC...maybe Karl Rove is running the DNC after all.

HT: Powerline

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