Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Blogosphere beatdown

Neolibertarian king Jon Henke cuts Powerline a new one today over Powerline's corrections policy. Why?

Seems that Henke has caught the Powerliners in an inaccuracy, or at minimum an overstatement. The Powerliners haven't responded and they've historically shredded the AP for not responding to THEM when they write the AP with corrections. If Henke is accurately stating the case (which The Monk will believe sight unseen b/c Henke's accuracy and attention to detail is usually very good), then the Powerliners at minimum owe him an explanation or refutation.

Disclosure time (if necessary): The Monk likes both blogs and has stated his indebtedness to Henke for helping him during the early stages of Monkdom.

That said, it is important to address inaccuracies at all times. The Monk attempts to UPDATE as often as necessary to ensure a particular post has accurate info. If a commenter spots something that The Monk missed, or which disproves an assertion, The Monk will address that ASAP. Even that lazy fark Wongdoer occasionally gets off his couch and checks his comments ;-).

More importantly, the Powerliners are conservatives. Those of us on the side of goodness, justice, and all that other happy horsesh*t that we conservatives allegedly believe in, all know the media is predominantly liberal, often biased and frequently inaccurate. It does not help if we slip in our own accuracy and it hurts bloggers more because the entrenched MSM continually portrays the blogosphere (for some reason using Wonkette, Daily Kos and other lefty blogs most frequently as examples) as a compendium of bampots who fail to ensure the veracity of their claims.

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