Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Happy New Year!

Over the next few days, The Monk will be falling down mountainsides whilst attempting to do something that comes natural to Nordic toddlers, ski. Wongdoer is merely indolent. Thus, posting will be feather-light for a bit and we'll be up and running hard on Monday, January 3 (happy birthday in advance to The Monk's kid cousin).

Quick hitters: (1) best birthday wishes to The Monk's old college buddy, Luskerdu, who crests the middle of his 30s on Friday; (2) Happy New Year to all our readers (you two know who you are), our linkers, our enablers, aiders and abettors (Jon Henke, Charles Johnson, The Corner, Vodkapundit, and anyone else who's given us an InstaSpike or its equivalent), our friends and even our liberal consciences (that's you, Oyster); (3) Happy New Year to MaMonk and PaMonk, MonkMaInLaw2B, SisMonk, BroInLawMonk, MonkNiece, BroMonkG, BroMonkS, Wongdoer, Mrs. Wong and the Wonglings; (4) here's wishing prosperity, health, safety and victory to the United States Armed Forces and the Coalition members; (5) and all the best to those fighting, working and struggling for freedom and democracy throughout the world from Ukraine to Iran to Iraq to Venezuela to Southeast Asia to the ravaged countries in central and southern Africa.

See you in 2005.

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