Friday, June 03, 2005

Line of the Day

NR's Jay Nordlinger had a gem of story last week about a Palestinian in Jordan who remarked on how wonderful it would be to have ex-Presidents:

He says one of the most striking things I’ve ever heard: “We never have any ex-presidents” in this part of the world. Oh, how wonderful it would be to see an ex-president! “You in the West have ex-presidents. Here, you’re president for life. If you’re not president anymore, it’s because you’re dead.”

Well a reader wrote in and related the following:

It reminded me of what one of my favorite college teachers asked the class near the end of a discussion on a Friday. He queried,

“What was George Washington’s greatest gift to the United States?”

After hearing many answers from students, the cagy old professor smiled and said, “He quit. Have a nice weekend.”


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