Monday, June 13, 2005

Conspiracy theory of the day

From the I don't buy it, nor should you category comes Drudge's report on an explosive revelation in Edward Klein's upcoming book, The Truth About Hillary. The scandalous claim: Chelsea Clinton is the product of Bill raping Hillary.

First, the claim sounds ludicrous, no matter how big a Clinton-hater you are. Second, this is the type of claim only the most in-need of Xanax Hillary-hater would believe. Third, the sourcing for the claim, as reported on Drudge, makes the Isikoff Koran-flushing bogusness look well-researched.

Klein is not a right-wing nutter, so The Monk's (facetious) theory is that the Clintonites planted this to smoke out and discredit some rabid enemies and to up Hillary's sympathetic treatment in the press as a victim, which always increases her popularity.

Finally, note that many jurisdictions did not include any intercourse with a spouse, consensual or not, as rape in 1979. Indeed, when I took my Crim Law class at Vandy in 1994, one could not rape a spouse because all sexual contact among spouses was deemed consensual (since changed).

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