Monday, June 06, 2005

Monday Wrap

Faithful readers - Monk is just back from holiday and I've been unfortunately a bit busy today. Just a couple of interesting bits.

1. Washington Gubernatorial Update: Bad news for Dino Rossi as the trial court found that 1,700 votes were fraudulent but lacked clarity in determining that they went for current governor Gregoire. Appeal to the Washington State Supreme Court coming up but the chances are small that it would overturn the findings of the trial court. Soundpolitics' take is here.

2. Alter = Krugman? Jonathan Alter of Newsweek put out a nice hypothetical hit piece which claims that Watergate would not have claimed Nixon today due to the rise of the conservative media. Excerpt:

The big reason Nixon didn't have to resign: the rise of Conservative Media, which features Fox, talk radio and a bunch of noisy partisans on the Internet and best-sellers list who almost never admit their side does anything wrong. (Liberals, by contrast, are always eating their own.)

I wonder if Alter had been watching the Senate the last couple weeks when the Republican majority dithered and the obstructionist Democrats held rock solid. Alter's so shrill here he is essentially indistinguishable from Dowd and Krugman.

3. The Yankees have the balance of this series and the next to get the listing boat righted. Or else we are in for a long, long summer. They overachieved my goal for June 1 but since the second game of the Bosox series they've been headed south and fast. The longer they linger around .500 the worse the numbers game gets. I don't see any ability to get materially better this year with too many veterans looking mighty, mighty old. This is the team, plus or minus one or two guys, that we are going to war with and it looks mighty parlous.

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